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An update -

rain 7 °C

after goodness knows how long!

Sorry guys, been real busy getting organised in the Isle of Man. See photos of house etc...

I'm working for an amazing company here on the Island. People cross your path for a reason - as I know you hear me say all the time :) - and I have been blessed to cross the path of David (my new boss) and his fantastic wife Ravina. They are wonderful souls with so much to give. For me, it is an opportunity to share and be a part of a wider 'giving' vision.

As for the 'hoose', things are going grande. Keith has helped me out so, so much and is an absolute star! Finally getting around to unpacking boxes I forgot I had is great. Oh the wonders of the past catching present.

We're still in contact with SAGE and long to return for a visit to Preychrouk. Every time I share the photos, I have a warm heart and know that we were guided there for real contribution.

Enough from me, though, other than to say...

... remember that life is fabulous, energetic, wonderful, fabulous and amazing.

Ley high.

PJB :) x x x

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Adios to Edinburger

sunny 15 °C

Well, for a little while anyway.

Great to catch up with everyone this weekend.

I'm heading back to the Island tonight.

See you all soon and for those I didn't catch this time, I'll see you next time :)

Pamela x

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semi-overcast 11 °C
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Oooooooooooppppppppsssss - led myself astray last night with great wine, chat and friends. Caught up with Jenny B, Marie and Mrs K. Was so, so good.

Choose not to let the squeezy physical feeling get to me too much today, need to be busy!

I've uploaded some more pictures and will endeavour to update our SE Asia travels.

Real handy having my own computer again!


Pamela x

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I promise, I promise, I promise...

rain 10 °C
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We've been pretending to be busy (not!) and have needed some serious (me, yeah right!) time to update our blogs.

Can't believe there hasn't been an update since we left Rawai. So much to say about the culmination of our SE Asia travels. Thai cooking class, rock climbing, shopping and journey back. For sure, there will be loads to spill the beans on.

For now, I'm typing this in Edinburgh - back to spend a few days with some marvellous people... Jenny B, Marie and Mrs K this evening and then, fingers crossed, Vicky, Sally, Vicci and loads more over the next few days. Got to fit everyone in :)

We're still adjusting to the slightly lower temperature in the UK, even though we've been back for 2 months now. Thermal drawers from M&S are a blessed investment - hee, hee.

Our home for now is the Isle of Man. I know you all knew I'd make my way back there. Guess there were so many positives to going back. My ingredients for heading back were so vast that my cake bowl is well and truly full. I suppose the real icing on my cake is the one word making it real darned sweet - K E I T H. Gosh, soppy was never part of my remit before. Anyhow, it certainly is now! Gush, gush, gush!

See you all real soon and remember to keep those emails and messages flowing :)

Pamela xxx

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Yep, we've returned!

sunny 10 °C
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So much to type...

...so many updates and so many more photographs to upload.

Bear with us, we're acclimatising and catching up. Slowly and surely.

Read all about us soon...

Pamela :)

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